Laminated Columns

Straighter. Stronger. Lighter.

Mohawk Metals offers Laminated Posts – 3-ply, 4-ply, and 5-ply – 2×6 and 2×8 columns available up to 40’. 2×8 columns available up to 40’.

Won’t split, warp, or twist – allowing for easier framing and finishing.

Our Columns save you time and money in the field by reducing labor cost and callbacks

Another reason we are your ONE STOP SHOP for all things Post Frame!

  • All material from a recognized leader in the Post Frame industry.
  • Our columns won’t split, warp or twist, allowing for easier framing and finishing.
  • The upper 18”-24” of each column contains no fasteners or adhesive allowing individual plys to be notched in the field for a superior truss connection.
  • Eliminates the need to have hot dipped galvanized nails on the untreated upper portion of the columns.
  • The plys are glued, nailed and planed on all sides giving you a uniform product to frame with. 
  • All Structural finger joints are produced under SPIB Glue Lumber Standards and carry a #1 certification from the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau, a nationally recognized third party inspection agency.
  • Column design and sizing available.